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The book THE SAINT AND THE CULT OF SAINTS by Anton Caragea is the most remarkable editorial work of the latest 20 years in Romania filling up an enormous gape in the religious and historical research in Romania.  THE SAINT AND THE CULT OF SAINTS is also a significant apparition on Christian world literature and history. Such a book never existed prior to this moment in the Romanian historical research in the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church also the book was hailed as the latest publication on the field of saints life research where conducted in XIX century , over 100 years again and needed a reevaluation and historical reassessment.  So both of Catholic and Orthodox Churches regarded the new book as a fundamental research on Church History.

The book is based on the last five years of research in Turkey, Syria and Egypt by Professor Anton Caragea and is based on documents forgotten in the last 1.800 years of history of Christianity. Based on professor Caragea work as historian, scholar and text translator the life of saints forgotten by over 2 millennia are seeing one more time the light of day. By his work professor Anton Caragea is inviting us in a unique voyage among Popes, martyrs and saints and he make us witnesses to the birth of Christianity opening for us the door to a secret world: the world of saints. Let`s fallow professor Anton Caragea by the gate of miracles and history with his new book: THE SAINT AND THE CULT OF SAINTS.                  


Saints Sergiu and Bachuss(from Maloula-Syria), saints almost forgotten in the last millenium,you will find there life in Saints and the Cult of saints by Anton Caragea 


 Le livre LE SAINT ET LES CULTE DES SAINTS  par Anton Caragea est le plus remarquable travail éditorial des dernières vingt années en Roumanie que satisferez  un énorme gap dans la recherche historique et religieuse en Roumanie. LE SAINT ET LES CULTE DES SAINTS est aussi une apparition importante dans  la littérature et l’histoire mondiale chrétienne. Si un tel ouvrage n’a jamais existé avant à ce moment dans la recherche historique roumain dans l’Église catholique et l’Église orthodoxe également le livre a été salué comme la plus importante publication sur le domaine de la vie des saints.

Les dernier ouvrage sur set sujet  on été  réalisée au XIX siècle, maintenons âpres  plus de 100 ans de recherche et nécessaires t une réévaluation historique.  Donc les églises  catholique et orthodoxe saluent  le nouveau livre comme  une recherche fondamentale sur l’histoire de l’église. Le livre est basé sur les dernières  cinq années de recherche en Turquie, Syrie et en Égypte par professeur Anton Caragea et est basé sur les documents oubliés au cours des dernières 1.800 années de l’histoire du christianisme. Par le travail admirable de professeur Caragea  tant qu’historien, érudit et le traducteur du texte de vie des saints, oubliées par plus de deux millénaires, set texte rare  voient pour la première fois la lumière du jour. Par son travail le professeur Anton Caragea  nous invite dans un voyage unique parmi les Papes, martyrs et saints et ils nous font témoins de la naissance du christianisme, son livre  ouvrant pour nous la porte à un monde secret : le monde des saints. Nous allons avec le professeur Anton Caragea a  la porte de miracles et de l’histoire avec son nouveau livre : LE SAINT ET LES CULTE DES SAINTS.




 Joe_Biden and new US policy on Eastern Europe

On 17 of July at European Council on International Relations was published a letter signed by 22 former presidents, intellectual and policy makers from Central and Eastern Europe announcing their mistrust in the new rapprochement policy with Russia . Regarding the abandon of the missile shield in Poland and Czech Republic the letter pointed out: “Abandoning the program entirely or involving Russia too deeply in it without consulting Poland or the Czech Republic can undermine the credibility of the United States across the whole region”.  Now Joseph Biden has toured the region proclaiming the US new vision for Eastern Europe.


End of confrontational vision.

First announcement made in the visits in Ukraine and Georgia between 20 and 24 July was the end of the confrontational vision at Black Sea that G. Bush has supported. Even the visit in those two countries was left to Joe Biden, vice-president while Barack Obama has selected Moscow as the main step on his diplomatic journey. This was a gesture never made by previous administration which only visits Moscow after visiting Romania, Poland or Baltic states in order to send an unambiguous signal that relations with Russia are determined by Russia policy in Eastern Europe. No such signal come from Obama administration, sending the vice-president was itself a sign of downgrading relations with the region.  Joe Biden also announced the policymakers in Tbilisi and Kiev that now is the time to have better relations with Russia and pressured US allies like Georgia’s Saakashvili to open society and to embrace democracy reform, which was seen as a favorable moved toward pro-Russian opposition which is regularly   accusing President Saakashvili of dictatorial ambition. Also in Kiev Biden didn’t missed the opportunity to meet Victor Janucovici the Kremlin backed main contender for president Victor Yushcenko for presidential bid in 2010 Ukrainian elections. A striking difference form previously US unwavering support to orange revolution leaders in Ukraine and Georgia.

Bush and Yushchenko at the time of orange revolution

Yushcenko a leader of orange revolution now abandoned ?

End of the missile shield.

Now between 20 and 23 of October vice-president Biden was in a new diplomatic journey to Eastern Europe visiting Poland, Romania and Czech Republic in order to officially announce the US redraw from the Missile Shield Plan. Announced in 2007 by Bush administration, the Missile shield was seen by many as a continuation of Reagan Star Wars, that help bring down Soviet Union economy and communism system. This time the shield, publicly oriented against Iran, was universally regarded as a pressure against Putin`s Russia. All the leaders of the region have seen this sign of US commitment to the Eastern Europe in the face of a new assertive Russian power. The Obama administration decision to build a small shield, really dedicated counter Iran ballistic system, on Black Sea in Turkey and Israel and maybe Azerbaijan, was looked as a further signed of US disengagement in the region. Joe Biden visit was projected with the purpose of calming eastern European fears and to build a new relation between US and Eastern Europe.

A new U.S. strategic vision.

Joe Biden explained in Warsaw, Bucharest and Prague  that: US is not seeing Russia as an enemy and the Cold War perception  of Moscow as a foe that must be isolated under an Iron Curtain is over . The result of this assertion was that US will not tolerate and support rebellious actions as Georgian-Russian war in summer of 2008 or Ukraine pressure on Russian navy or Romanian plans to counter Russian influence at Black sea and Polish pressure in Belarus. All this actions of harassment backed by previous US administration must end.        

Also US is ready to sponsor a detente in the Eastern Europe- Russia relations based on economic and cultural relations and on a new vision of a common economic space between Russia and Europe. This vision of peaceful cooperation is not shared in the region , the 22 former leaders wanted a tougher stance on Kremlin: “When it comes to Russia, our experience has been that a more determined and principled policy toward Moscow will not only strengthen the West’s security but will ultimately lead Moscow to follow a more cooperative policy as well”. The US response is a startling: No! to this vision.

Do you remeber the time when Saakashvili meets GBush

Saakashvili sacrified on the altar of a new US-Russia relationship ?

A space of economic cooperation.     

Instead of political confrontation from Baltic to Black Sea Joe Biden is wanting to see economic cooperation and more precisely: energy cooperation. In Poland he was spoken about energy routes in the Baltic linking Russia and Europe closer, in Romania was speaking about Trieste- Constanta gas pipeline and a liquid gas terminal at Constanta, based on Qatari gas transported to Romania and from here to Western Europe.  Also Biden expressed support not for EU backed Nabucco pipeline, destined to override Russia as a gas supplier to Europe but to South Line, a Russian sponsored gas pipeline.  To measure what a disappointment this speech  will be for Eastern Europe leaders I quote one more time from there letter: „Central and Eastern European countries should lobby harder … for diversification of the energy mix, suppliers, and transit routes, as well as for tough legal scrutiny of Russia’s abuse of its monopoly and cartel-like power inside the EU. But American political support on this will play a crucial role. Similarly, the United States can play an important role in solidifying further its support for the Nabucco pipeline”.

Finaly Joe Biden signaled in all the capitals his wish for a new generation of leaders in Eastern Europe capable to understand the necessity of a new policy towards Russia, in Bucharest, he was paying a lot of attention to opposition leaders in order to signal the US disinterest in the fate of Romanian president Traian Basescu, a former darling of Bush administration, and the play was repeated over and over in Warsaw and Prague.

Lessons of Joe Biden visits.

First it is interest to point out that Biden avoid going to Baltic States , shattered by economic crisis , isolated in EU and pressured by Russia, a sign that Baltic States must first  end there anti-Russian stance and normalize relations with Kremlin.  Also Biden didn’t visit Bulgaria that already switch to a more conciliatory stance with Russia accepting Russian pipelines on his territory, supporting Russia in Kosovo, Serbia and Balkans relation and opened for strategic business partnership with Russia. Also Hungary that signed 10 billion agreement on gas, energy and oil with Russia accepting to become Russia`s main energy partner in the region was avoided. For Bulgaria and Hungary the new Washington vision was already in place; make business not war was the tune form White House. This was a visit to last remaining pro-Bush strongholds: Poland, Romania and Czech Republic destined to signal that US is redrawing support for confrontational vision. Cohabitation with Russia is a must for the new leaders of the region.    

Professor Anton Caragea PhD ,MA, FINS




On  1-th of October is traditionally to celebrate the National Day of Federal Republic of Nigeria, but this year the celebration has being more grandiose then in any other year , so we can say that the month of October is really a month dedicated to Federal Republic of Nigeria.


President of Federal Republic of Nigeria-Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, the arhitect of Nigeria new status

In the last period the Republic of Nigeria has become a poll of stability in West Africa: the peace in the Niger Delta, continuous economic growth (in spite of economic crisis), a better life standard and the transformation of capital of Nigeria- Abuja in a diplomatic center of the region, all this has made Nigeria a special partner to European Union and Romania.

Also in the last two years, with the dedication and commitments of the Nigerian Ambassador in Romania, Mba Ama Mba, the relations between Romania and Federal Republic of Nigeria has being radically transformed: exchanges of political, cultural and economic delegations has build a bridge between Bucharest and Abuja and   we have witnessed a historical increase of economic and political exchanges between the two countries. In the month of October , a month dedicated to Federal Republic of Nigeria , His Excellency Ambassador Mba Ama Mba has made a public relations campaign presenting to Romanian press and economic community the Nigerian cultural and economic opportunities . It is appreciated that by his efforts this year the Federal Republic of Nigeria national day has being transformed in a month of Nigeria in Romania.

Poza corecta

H.E. Ambassador of Nigeria – Mba Ama Mba