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Botswana : a no go destination in 2010

In 2010 the Tourism Board of European Council on International Relations has analyzed the worst tourist destinations taking into account factors as: social and political insecurity, economic insecurity, roads and infrastructure, tourism infrastructure, food security and tourism management both on national level (ministries of Tourism, tourism boards but also on local levels).

At the end of this analysis the Tourism Board of European Council on International Relations   had decided that for 2010 Botswana is the WORST TRAVEL DESTINATION IN AFRICA.

In order to decide this an-wanted title the Board had analyzed the number of tourism complains, the number of food related illnesses, the number of hotel related complaints, and the insecurity issue. Also the lack of modern infrastructure, of modern communications facilities also was taken into account. Finally the absence of any tourism policy, tourism promotion and ministerial interest in promoting this country where also decisive in tacking the final decision.

As a result the press conference was concluded in the note that African tourism is having bright spots and countries that really invest in tourism activities and countries   that have failed in this competitive arena. Botswana is the negative example of African tourism.