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Bratislava School of Law was declared best European University.

On 12 of May 2010 during the European Cultural Week, sponsored by the European Council on International Relation in Brussels , the annual gathering of European Educational Council has evaluated the candidature for the prestigious EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION AWARD for 2010.

The EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION AWARD is dedicated to reward the most prestigious universities in Europe on bases on research activities, research contracts, educational activities, curricula and students result, satisfaction and educational atmosphere.

For 2010 the EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION AWARD was entrusted to Bratislava School of Law, the most renamed university in Central Europe. Bratislava School of Law is offering a large area of educational programs in informatics, law , economics, mass-media and is fallowing a rapid development with establishments in Prague, Brno , Vienna all this being taking into consideration in awarding the prestigious title .

Professor Jan Carnogurski, former prime minister, Chancellor Slavomir Rudenko , Rector Jan Svak, professor Anton Caragea ( from left to right)

Also the European Council on International Relations – Educational Committee entrusted to Professor Anton Caragea to carry the official prize to Bratislava. On the visit in Bratislava of European delegation professor Anton Caragea has visited the Bratislava School of Law, has meeting with professors and students and visited the educational facilities of the Bratislava School of Law. Also during the visit professor Anton Caragea have meet professor Jan Carnogurski , former prime minister of Slovakia  and the Rector of Bratislava School of Law – dr. Jan Svak .

The EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION AWARD was entrusted to the leadership of the university in an official ceremony as a European recognition for the triumphs of Slovak learning system on European Union educational environment.