On 23 September 2011 Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on International Relations had opened the Conference and Exhibition on European Military Hardware and Equipment.

Professor dr.Anton Caragea opening the military conference. 

The Conference and Exhibition on European Military Hardware and Equipment was organized under the high patronage of European Council on International Relations and was gathering top level military equipment manufacturer members of European Council on International Relations defense department .

50 mm heavy machine gun -a star of the show-resented by Prof.dr.Anton Caragea

In his opening statements, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea had underlined the high research and quality amalgamated in European latest military products presented at the show. European defense industry is without a doubt capable in meeting all defense necessity and also to export high quality products for defense.

To be true to reality if in 1988 Europe was the top 3 manufacturer and exporter of defense products in the world today we are on a honorable place 7 or 8 in the world , a position that keeping in context the latest military technology development is an impressive efforts from European technicians and specialists.

European defense products has proven there efficiency in the latest 5 years conflicts and I have received congratulation from all over the world for our high quality and efficiency defense products ,Romanian brand names like: STAR 80L or CA-95 or air defense systems need no introduction in the world and here you can see this European technological marvels , concluded prof.dr.Anton Caragea .

The opening ceremony was followed by a tour of defense products exhibition and by a round table of European and Romanian military equipment producers chaired by professor dr.Anton Caragea.

CA95-the pride of the exhibition: the weapon that keeps the airspace safe.

The conclusions of the conference where an appreciation of latest ground assault and defense equipment produced by Europe that proved highly efficient and is offering our industry and military personal a clear advantage in any military action.

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